•  Rhea   One of our dogs suffers from severe osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and spondylitis. She has had received physio for the past 18 months and she is doing much better. We even can take her to the park for small walks whereas she needed a buggy 2 years ago. Rhea will be 14 years old soon and we are convinced her physio sessions have helped her immensely. We cannot recommend Rebecca enough, she is very gentle and patient.  A.M.  Eastleigh
  • Samuel  

    Rebecca has been treating Samuel my dressage horse for approximately 3 years and has also treated myself for about 18months. I have found the treatments very beneficial to Samuel’s way of going and overall wellness. Rebecca has used the visualize jacket to help with my straightness when riding which I have found really improved some of the harder movements. Rebecca has a lovely way with the horses and is always very patient with them.

    Last year we came 8th at the inter 1 pet plan national championships ,we are just about to compete at our first Inter 2 and I’m sure we would not have managed this without the ongoing treatment and support of RS Physio.  K.R.  Romsey

  • Nelly
  • I hope you are well, i just wanted to let you know that Nelly had her follow up appointment today with ….The vet was very pleased with her progress, he said it was hard to notice any lameness at all when she was moving, I’m a little more critical but he said she will only improve further. He also commented on how good her muscle condition was, he has said she can now go off the lead & to increase length of walks.I’d like to thank you for all your help & advice with Nelly, all the hard work has paid off!Thanks again Rebecca.                         M.F. Southampton